Sunday, February 17, 2013

Leesburg Airshow 2012

The Leesburg Airshow at the Leesburg Executive Airport on a rainy day

 The airport has an interesting history:
Radio and television personality Arthur Godfrey, who owned property near Leesburg, was an avid pilot. He bought George’s Field in 1952 and popularized it on his radio show as “The Old Cow Pasture.” As the Town grew, having an airport in what was beginning to be the center of Town became a problem, especially as Godfrey upgraded to larger and more powerful airplanes to support his weekly commute to New York City. In 1960, Godfrey deeded 100 acres of his property to the Town as part of a plan for the Town to sell the property and use the proceeds of the sale to match state and federal funding for the construction of a new airport south of town.  Godfrey Field was dedicated in 1964 by Mayor Frank Raflo with Arthur Godfrey in attendance. 

Can anyone identify the US Navy plane behind James?

One of the original American Airlines Flagship DC3s

James and myself with the DC3

T-6 Texan "Pamela Marie"

Not sure what this one is either, Soviet?