Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Trip to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania played a major role in American railroad history.
in Amish country near Lancaster, PA.  For you movie buffs, it is
also where the movie Witness was filmed with Harrison Ford.  
This is some of the railroad history James and I saw there.

Pennsylvania Railroad D16sb No. 1223 4-4-0 1905

Pennsylvania Railroad E7s No. 7002 4-4-0 1902

Pennsylvania Railroad G5s No. 5751 4-6-0 1924

New York, Chicago & St. Louis S-2 No. 757 2-8-4 1944

Pennsylvania Railroad E6s No. 460 4-4-2  1914
Pennsylvania Railroad H10s No. 7688 2-8-0 1915

Pennsylvania Railroad E6s No. 460 4-4-2 1914

Pennsylvania Power & Light Fireless No. 4094 0-8-0F 1940

Coudersport & Port Allegany Size 2 type Snow Plow  1890c.

Pennsylvania Railroad Ep20/E7 No. 5901 1945

Reading 903 1950

Pennsylvania Railroad No. 4935 1943

James at the turntable

An early refrigerated car!

Some overviews of the museum

Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, Pennsylvania

A Second, but short visit to Steamtown National Historic Site

The largest steam train ever built, only 25 were manufactured during WW II
James and Elin were impressed

Take a ride on the Reading!

Vanderbilt Mansion, Hyde Park

Vanderbilt's View of the Hudson and Catskill Mountains

Hyde Park Memorial Day 2012